Supto dhara waterfall-Beauty Queen

suptodara waterfall-sitakunda
suptodara waterfall-sitakunda
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Suptodara waterfall-Sitakunda

suptodara waterfall-sitakunda
suptodara waterfall-sitakunda
Bangladesh travel ads

Suptodara waterfall is one wide and attraction seeker waterfall in Bangladesh, which is an ecosystem of the evergreen forest of Chandranna Rivasav Forest, is located in Sitakunda upazila of Chittagong Hill Tracts. Local people called it Suptodara jorna. Generally, the water is very low throughout the whole year, except for the monsoon season. In the rainy season, the stream of the Suptodara waterfall of water fills itself completely. There is another waterfall named Shahasradhara Waterfall is very near to suptadara waterfall. To enjoy the beauty of the waterfall in the rainy season, thousand of visitors of the country come to Sitakunda Eco Park to see the suptadara Jhorna every day.

How to see Suptodara waterfall:

suptodara waterfall-sitakunda
suptodara waterfall-sitakunda

By Bus:

Suptodara waterfall is located at sitakunda eco-park. There will be AC, Non AC buses for the transportation of Salaam, Saudia, Greenline, Silk Line, Sohag, Baghdad Express, Unique, etc. to the Sitakunda Ecopark on the road from Dhaka. Buses originally leave from Dhaka Sayedabad bus stand to Chittagong.But all the buses stop in Sitakunda as needed.when you arrive sitakunda, you have to leave the bus at fakirahat,  2km away from Sitakunda bus stop then you can go to Sitakunda Eco Park very easily.

List of bus services and price:

By Train:

There are a lot of train services available go Dhaka to Chittagong.Sitakunda Eco park is only 35 kilometers away from Chittagong. So after arriving Chittagong station take a cng, bus or mexi(auto) then go to sitakunda Eco-park. 

List of train services and price:

Train Name Coach Cost
S.Chair 400

Where to stay:

There is no place to stay a night on sitakunda Eco-park. If you want to stay here you have to sitakunda bazar. Here you found few medium quality hotels. There is also a dak bungalow under telecommunication. It’s better to stay here after taking their permission.

For booking sudia hotel sitakunda…

Call: 01991-787979, 01816-518119

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