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Saint Martin Island:

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Saint Martin Island is the most gorgeous Island in all over the World.It’s located at the southern bay.Locally people called it Narikel Jinjira ( The island of coconut ) As a coral island the water surrounded by blue color .there are huge amount of tourist every year use to pay a visit to beautiful st martin island.In the event that you are finished celebrating in Cox’s Bazar, Saint Martin Island is the ideal place to quiet down your spirit. This coral island(saint martin island) is around 10 km (6mi) south-west of the southern tip of the territory is a tropical prosaism, with sea bordered with coconut palms and abundant marine life.


The original history of Saint Martin has not found ,Reference of local people and some other people Arabian merchants used saint martin island as a place of talking rest .That time they named it Jajira .In the year if 1890 ,when people started to live there .They plant coconut all around the saint martin’s island,This reason it’s known as Narikel Jinjira.So in the year of 1900 this island is named to the name of Saint Martin island.

GPS coordinate of saint martin island :

                                                                                (20°37’45.64″N, 92°19’29.00″E)

The map of beautiful st martin island :

The map of Saint Martin Island look like English digit “8”.The middle of saint martin island is so much narrow that’s why you can see both eastern and western side ,The overall size of the saint martin island is eight square  km.

The weather of st martin island:

The weather of saint martin island is influenced by sub tropical monsoonal climate.The month of November to February saint martin belongs to mild weather with short rainfall.But march to august is remain so risky to visit there in that time .So November to February is the best time for visit the most beautiful saint martin island.

saint martin

Peoples of st martin island :

Above 60% of the population of saint martin area are fisherman,they are not well educated But they are so much hospitable .Young children of this saint martin area living by selling (coral,rocks,starfishes etc).

Best time for visit st martin island :

November  to February is the best time for visit saint martin island (winter season).winter is the best time to visit saint martin island ,That time the ocean remains calm most of the time ,That’s why it is the safest time to go beautiful saint martin island.

Things you can do in st martin island :

There are lot of things you can do in saint martin island such as sunset and sun rising watching ,playing in blue water ,visit chhera dip,and of course drinking lot of coconuts.
  • Chhera Dip: Chhera dip is placed the southern of saint martin island ,You can go there by walking also using boat (depend on time) from main island(saint martin island).Chhera dip-saint martin island
  • Chhera dip-saint martin islandChhera dip-saint martin islandUnder water Chhera dip-saint martin islandChhera dip-saint martin island
  • Sunrise of beautiful saint martin island :Sunrise is always watching enjoyable ,It would be a memorable experience for you if you do that.Sunrise of saint martin island from a resort
  • Sunset of  beautiful saint martin island :If you see sunrise then why not sunset ,It’s too much easier than sunrise  you don’t need wake up early morning.Sunset of saint martin islandSunset of saint martin island
  • Drinking coconut:Saint martin island  is known for its fresh coconut. You had find plenty of coconut tree around the saint martin island. Local shops collects the coconut from those trees and sell to the tourists whose are go there . Don’t miss of saint martin island coconut.Narikel Jinjira or coconut islandNarikel Jinjira or coconut island
  • Naf River :Naf river is shared between Bangladesh and Myanmar,the western is Teknaf of Bangladesh river is finally  falls into the Bay of Bengal.Tourist of saint martin island are carried by the ship over the river.Naf RiverBeautiful Naf River from ship

How to go Saint Martin Island:

If you want you can go saint martin directly from Dhaka,Here is list of bus you use travel for come saint martin island

·         Saintmartin Paribahan Ltd

·         Shyamoli NR Travels

·         Hanif Enterprise



Where to stay in saint martin island:

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