Risang waterfall (রিসাং ঝর্ণা) -Khagrachari

risang waterfall -khagrachari
risang waterfall -khagrachari
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Risang waterfall(রিসাং ঝর্ণা) – Khagrachari

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Risang waterfall is one of the beautiful things in khagrachari.The whole list of waterfalls in Bangladesh risang waterfall khagrachari is one of them.

Risang waterfall is located in Matiranga Upazila.just 1 km from Khagrachari District, 3 km from Tourist Motel. And 2 km from Alutilla.The Risang Jhorna is known as the ‘সাপ মারা  Risang jorna’.The word of marma, Risang means the flow of water from a high place. Another name of the risang jhorna is Terang Tikalai(তেরাং তৈকালাই).

risang waterfall
risang waterfall

As you go north from the main road, you will hear the sound of waterfalls. There are two waterfalls here as well. Another waterfall is known as the  Risang waterfall 2 or “opu waterfall”.Roads have been constructed along a paved stage to facilitate tourists. So it is easy to go to the waterfall.

With your own vehicle, you can easily go to the near the waterfall. A little walking distance will increase the attractiveness of the journey. The waterfall is away 2 km from the main road. The whole road walk is on foot. This natural risang waterfall is lying from 30 meters high. if you want, you will be able to easily bathe in the water. It’s an unparalleled version of it that will surpass your imagination.

How to go risang waterfall:

From Dhaka, you can go to Khagrachari by bus a few of them are Shanti, Shyamoli, Hanif and other transport. The rent will be Tk.530 Also, BRTC and St. Martin Transport AC Bus (AC Bus) travel to Khagrachari. The Shanti transport bus goes straight to Dighinala.

How to go dhaka to khagrachhari:

Bus Name Contact Counter
Saint Martin Paribahan 01762-691341 Arambagh
Shyamoli Paribahan 02-7194291 Kallyanpur
Shanti Paribahan 01711-371405 Arambagh


You can also visit Khagrachari from Chittagong. BRTC AC Bus (Chittagong) 




Chittagong to Khagrachari :

BRTC and Shanti transport bus leave Khagrachari from Chittagong’s oxygen corridor. From 9 am, the Shanti transport bus leaves after 2-4 hours. Besides, several local buses also go to Khagrachari. Non AC AC buses are charged between TK 180 to 250 From Chittagong, it will take 3-5 hours.

Where to stay Risang waterfall:

There are several quality residential hotels in Khagrachari city for the night stay. For a night stay at the hotel, you will have to pay 400 to 3500 TK depends on hotels quality.


Best hotels in Khagrachari:


Porjoton Motel(পর্যটন মোটেল): 

The two beds of this motel on the banks of the chengi river of the city are AC room rent of Rs.2100 and NON AC room rent of Rs.1300

 Contact: 0371-6208485,01556564375


Hotel Gearing(হোটেল গাইরিং): 

Rent from 1000 to 3000 per class, with facilities for AC, Non AC, VIP AC and Group room located in Khagrachari city. 

Contacts: 01815-163173


Oronno Bilash(অরণ্য বিলাস): 

This hotel, located in the city’s coconut garden, has rented Twin Bed AC Tk 2500, Couples AC 2500 Tk, Single Bed AC Tk 1500, Twin Non AC Tk 1500 and Couples Non AC 1500 Tk.

Contact: 01838-497257


Where to eat:

There are several restaurants in Shapla Square and Bus Stand area of Khagrachari city. In addition, you can enjoy coffee, hasher kalabuna, backhaul, and traditional hill food at the ‘System Restaurant’ located in Panthai Para.

Dhaka to khagrachari tour

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