Most popular resorts and hotels in St. Martin’s

saint martin hotels review,most popular hotel in st-martin
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Most popular resorts and hotels in St. Martin’s

Bangladesh travel ads

saint martin hotels review,most popular hotel in st-martin

One of the best places in Bangladesh is the St.Martin of Cox’s Bazar,and “Bay of Bengal”, is always at the center of tourist interest.Like every other year, many tourists will travel to Saint Martin.But there are many problems in fixing hotels or resorts on the island for the night.Considering their thought, a brief introduction to St. Martin’s Hotel and Resort was presented.

Blue Marine Resort

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This is one of the best resort in saint martin island

This three-story hotel has 34 luxury rooms with its own restaurant. But to the market, it is very crowded around it. Apart from these rooms, the beaches are not visible directly. The Blue Marin Hotel rating on Facebook is very good 4.20 / 5.00 (100 reviews). Room cost of Rs. 2,500-3,500

Contact: 01957345431 (Dhaka), 01713-39950 (St. Martin)

Facebook Page:

Neel Digante Resort

A beautiful resort located south-west of St. Martin’s Island. Its size is quite big. The total number of rooms divided in the category of chaos, chhayabitha, youngish and rooms are 38. The restaurants are also here. Of course, all the rooms of this resort are tin-shed. Room rent of Rs.

Contact: 01730-051005, 01730-051006, 01730-051007

Facebook Page:

Sea View Resort And Sports

Sea View Resort And Sports absolutely close to North Beach, seven minutes walk from the pier. The management of the resort has completely changed under new management. Everyone who recently stayed here praised this two-storey resort. There are 16 rooms and 4 tents with its own restaurant. The biggest advantage is that the sea is seen from most of the rooms. There are also free WiFi (coming soon) and minor sports facilities.

Although the quality of its own restaurant’s restaurant at the Sea View Resort is good, it is about 30 meters away from the resort. The price for this is Rs. 1,200-3,000. This review rating on Facebook was fantastic 4.90 / 5.00 (990 reviews). There is no such a rating in St. Martin’s other resorts and there is not so many reviews.

Contact: 01957345431 (Dhaka), 01840-477956 (St. Martin)

Facebook Page:

Labiba bilash resort

The large double-decker resort offers 43 rooms, a restaurant and a small seminar room. Its location is North Beach. It takes a little longer to get to Shipaghat, walks 15-20 minutes. Room rent of Rs. 1,600-4,000

The condition of the resort rooms is not very good. However, this resort offers a variety of sports facilities as well as a variety of sports facilities. Facebook ratings of 3.80 / 5.00 (36 reviews).

Contact: 01744-136145 (Dhaka), 01834-267922 (St. Martin)

Facebook Page:

Hotel Palace Paradise

Hotel Palace ParadiseThe location of this double room hotel is slightly north of the Marine.There are 16 rooms in total. There are also hotels with restaurants. A little away from the beach, little room is seen from a few rooms. Each room of the palace paradise will cost Rs. 2000-4000

Facebook’s rating is quite good. 4.20 / 5.00 (60 reviews).

Contact: 01556-347711

Hotel Sea In

This hotel location is located five minutes on the main road of St. Martin’s Market. There are 26 rooms in the total. From the framework it is beautiful It does not have its own restaurant, but there are plenty of restaurants nearby. Rent of each room is Rs. 3000-3,500.

The problem of this hotel is that it is located next to the market. There is no way to see the sea from here. And the opportunity to enjoy solitude is limited.

Contact: 01722-109670, 01735-581251, 01775-011208

Shimana Periye Resort

Shimana Periye Resort cottageShimana Periye Resort room rent priceShimana Periye ResortThe location of this resort  in West Beach. It has 14 rooms and a personalized restaurant. Seats along the beach show the sea from several rooms. Rent 1,500-2,500 Taka

Facebook ratings rating 4.20 / 5.00 (20 ratings).

Contact: 01911-11292, 01819-018027

Facebook Page:

Coral View Resort

Coral View ResortThis resort operates the navy. Location of St.Martin’s East Beach. To take a van / boat that is quite a bit away from the jetty. Its size is very large and the ocean is seen from rough to sea. There is a green ground in front of this resort. I heard that it was used as a helipad. The resort also has its own restaurants. Its room rate starts from Tk 2,500. There is also room for 6,000 rupees.

Ratings are very good. 4.20 / 5.00 (226 reviews)

Contact: 01980-004777, 01980-004778

Facebook Page:

Prince Haven Resort

The location of this resort is located north of the North Beach, just north of Palace Paradise. From here, there are very good views of the sea. There are 24 rooms in the resort, there are also its own restaurants. Rooms worth 2,000-4,000 taka

Contact: 01833-360333

Sea Coral Resort

This North Beach resort is located just a short distance from Sea View Resort and Sports. There are 16 rooms in total. There is also a restaurant. It is beside the beach, but there is no way to see the sea from the other rooms except four rooms. The rent of each room is 1,500-2,500 taka.

Contact: 01816-467406, 01761-200689

Facebook Page:

When booking a Hotel / Resort in St. Martin, be sure to check the location from the beach, distance from the beach, the rest of the restaurant, security management etc.. And the room needs to be well bargain. From mid-December to mid-January, the room will be very expensive, while the other is quite short.

saint martin island hotels

Beautiful Places To See- Saint Martin’s Island, Bangladesh





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