Nikli Haor (নিকলী হাওর) The calm sea

nikli haor
nikli haor
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Nikli Haor – নিকলী হাওর, কিশোরগঞ্জ 

Nikli Haor:

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Nikli is one of the most attractive haors in beautiful Bangladesh. The beauty of nikli haor you can’t imagine. When you are bored to handle city life, traffic jams, business, office, Nikli will give you a chance to forget about everything behind for some time. Floating on the vast waters, you can lighten your body by looking at the blue sky.

Nikli haor
img: Tarek

Nikli Haor is located in the Nikli Upazila of Kishoreganj district. The distance from Kishoreganj Sadar to Nikli Upazila is about 25 kilometer.

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when you float in the water If you do not see a village at one stage, you may feel like a calm sea. Sometime you will see the incredibly beautiful little green villages floating on the water. You can stop the boat and visit the village. You may be surprised if you talk to people. You may think that the nature of human beings has become like water in order to live with water.

nikli haor
img: Tarek

You can buy snacks from different village markets which are float in water. Sitting on a boat roof in the open air under the open sky how was feel the can’t express it.


Nikli Haor
IMG: Tarek

See another Ratargul in Nikli haor:

To see the view you have to go chatirchor.A green forest drowned underwater. Green trees are placed in the layer by layer. You will be floating in the water along the chest of the tree. You might think it is another ratargul.It takes about an hour to get straight from nikli beribadh. If you rent a boat for 3 hours you will be able to cover these things.

nikli haor chatirchor

Rent a boat in nikli haor:

It will cost 300 Tk to 500 Tk per hours to rent a small boat and 700 Tk to 800 Tk per hour to rent a large boat. If you rent for longer, the cost will be slightly lower. Hire a boat as you have time on your hands. Try to rent the boat for at least 3 hours. 

Here is a number of a small boat owner, he will take per hour 300 tk if you mention my name.

His name is habibur.


Say him like that, we are from Dhaka, Tarek told us to hire you.

Nikli Haor Location:

Where to eat at nikli:

Basically, Nikli doesn’t have a lot of good quality hotel. However, there are several restaurants in the market, they served quality fresh fish. Some good hotel is, Hotel Shetu, the cafe deo. You can eat haor fresh fish from 100 tk to 200 tk.

Spend the night on Nikli haor:

You can spend a quiet night under the dark blue sky. It’s safe to stay there at night If the weather is good. However, for the sake of security, you might be informed to  Nikli police station. Then you can spend a relaxed night. And must stay at any place near Beribadh at night.

Where to stay at nikli:

There are no good residential hotels in Nikli. You can stay The newly opened chairman guest house or in the Upazila Dak Bungalow. However, that bungalow is not so good. If this is not the case, then there is Kishoreganj city near your hand.

You can stay in good quality hotels in kishoreganj hotels like ganchil, Sravani, and Al-Muslim.

When to go Nikli:

The end of the rainy season is now the perfect time to travel to haor.

nikli haor view
IMG: Tarek

How to go Nikli haor:

By Bus:

If you want to leave Dhaka in the morning and return at night, the best way is to go to Pulerghat. The nearest way to go nikli haor is using pulerghat. From the Golapbag bus stand beside Dhaka Saidabad, the ‘Anana Super’ and ‘Jatayat’ buses straight to Pulharghat. The rent is Tk120. It will take 3 hours. From Pulerghat, CNG will come nikli beribadh within 1 hour. The rent per person is 80 taka.

By Train:

Dhaka to Kisorganj train schedule:

At 8 am – Agarsindu Morning

At 10 am – Kishoreganj Express

At 6 pm – Agarsindu Godhuli


Kishoreganj to Dhaka train schedule:

At 6 am – Agarsindu Morning

At 12 am – Agarsindu Godhuli

At 3 pm – Kishoreganj express


Train Cost:

shovon – 129 taka

shovon chair – 170 taka

First Class Chair -200 Tk

It will take 3 to 5 hours.

Other place to visit Kishoreganj:

  • Jangalbari Fort
  • Sholakia Eidgah
  • Dhillir Akhra
  • Pagla Mosque
  • Sayed Nazrul Islam Bridge
  • Austagram Haor
  • Sheikh Mahmud Shah Mosque
  • Austagram Qutub Shahi Central Mosque
  • Chandrabati Mandir
  • Manob Babur Bari (Gangatia Zamindar Bari)



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