The Historical Lalbagh fort

lalbagh kella
lalbagh kella
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Lalbagh kella – Dhaka

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Lalbagh kella:

Lalbagh kella (Lalbagh fort ) is located at Old Dhaka. One of the most attractive and viewable things in Lalbagh fort (Lalbagh kella)  is the residence and courthouse of Subedar Shaista Khan. Now this place is known as Lalbagh Fort Museum (Lalbagh kella jadughor) and it is open to visitors. There are three gates in Lalbagh Fort(lalbag kella), of which two are currently closed.

lalbagh kella picThe ambiance of the garden brings joy to visitors. Straight inside is the mausoleum of Shaista Khan’s beloved daughter, Pari Bibi, To keep her memory, Shaista Khan built a magnificent tomb. Besides, there are two other unnamed tombs and a few fountains, hill-high hills, tunnel paths, and foliage artillery at certain distances to the south and west fort walls of the fort.

Lalbagh kella history/Lalbagh fort history:

lalbagh kella history ,lalbagh fort history
Lalbagh kella history

During his period, Emperor Aurangzeb(Mogul emperor of Hindustan 1658–1707) arranged for the construction of Lalbagh fort. King Shahzada Azam son of Emperor Aurangzeb, began construction of the castle in 1678  AD. That time Lalbagh kella was named as Aurangabad Fort of Aurangabad kella. During the reign of Shaista Khan of Subedar, the fort was abandoned, leaving construction uncompleted. At that time Aurangabad Fort was renamed as Lalbagh fort(Lalbagh kella). Which is currently prevalent.

Lalbagh kella information

How to go Lalbagh fort:

You can go Lalbagh fort by rickshaw, From newmarket or gulisthan area just take a rickshaw it will take 60-70 Tk.

Or nowadays take an uber and go a very simple way.

Lalbagh kella location: The map of Lalbagh kella is here

Lalbagh kella holiday:


Lalbagh Fort is only closed Sunday and Monday morning shift.


Lalbagh kella open day:

Lalbagh kella is open except Monday and national holidays.


Here  is a Lalbagh kella open day and Lalbagh kella off day schedule :

Days Hours
Saturday 9 AM–6 PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 2 PM–5 PM
Tuesday 9 AM–6 PM
Wednesday 9 AM–6 PM
Thursday 9 AM–6 PM
Friday 9 AM–close 1 PM, reopen 2:15–6 PM


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