Kaptai Lake ,Rangamati

Kaptai Lake, Rangamati



If you have a plan to travel rangamati, then definitely your first choice might be the kaptai lake, rangamati. Kaptai Upazila of rangamati district is standing on top of the chattogram hill tracts with a natural beauty head standing on its chest. Kaptai Upazilas unique hill, a lot of waterline and eye satisfied pomp of greenery. This artificial lake is one of the largest lakes of south Asia. It is wide 11000 square kilometers. Here we see lots of small and large hill, zigzag mountain road, waterfall and friendship of water with greenery. On the hill, one side there was a lot of plant and animal and the other side has many kinds of fish on the lake and ending biodiversity. The environment around the lake, a small island, many kinds of colorful birds and here people’s lifestyles keep satisfied you for every moment. This lake is artificial. in spite of, Nature decorated her own beauties in this place. Whole year anyone can go to this place to see her beauty. Beside of lake waterfall will get see fulfill beauties of the rainy season.


In 1956 Pakistani government build kaptai dam on karnaphuli river of the American fund. As a result, this kaptai lake creates flooded just 54 thousand Hector of farmers of rangamati district.

What will you see?

Nature lovers can see this lake hair any kind of boat on the float of water. If anyone wants without any kind of problem, he or she can go from kaptai to paradise picnic spot. Here have lots of opportunities, a group of people can visit this lake very easily. Anyone can travel in this lake to reserved boat and speedboat. And also can Visit rangamati jhulonto bridge, shuvolong waterfall,rangamati city, and many other sports. Kornofuly river has arranged to do kayaking. If u want you can take this experience. And u can also go to sheikh rasel eco-park to take the fun of cable car journey.

Where will you stay?

Here there is no five-star qualities hotel for a night passing in Kaptai. So if you want to spend the night then you will contact Kaptai rest house authority. That’s better for those who want to spend the night here. Besides you can spend a little bit cost on the government rest house to their permit. Such as Navy, PDV, water development board, and a forest rest house. You will also spend night Lake Paradise Picnic Spot. But here stay very expensive for every night. Rangamati is close to kaptai.so if your plan for the day shift then you can stay in Rangamati.

For your convenience here give some information about the rest house in Rangamati.


List of rangamati hotel and rangamati resort:



  • Hotel golden hill: Rijarve bizarre, Rangamati, phone:01820304714
  • Hotel green Kasel: Rijarve bizarre, Rangamati, phone: 61245
  • Hotel Sofia: kathaltoli, Rangamati, phone: 61200



Kaptai lakes around the spectacular place such as :


  • jhulonto bridge,
  • Shuvolong waterfall,
  • Kaptai dam,
  • Karnaphuli river,
  • Navy academy,
  • Cable car,
  • Sheikh rasel eco park.



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