Cox Bazar – The world longest sea beach

Cox Bazar – The world’s longest beach

Cox Bazar:

The world’s longest beach in Cox’s Bazar, natural sandy beach, which is 120 km expanded from Cox’s Bazar to Badcomok. Extended up to Here are the largest sea fishing ports in Bangladesh. The vast sea, on the other hand horizontally high mountain. Dress Up Apurba Green Dress Up. The fountain is going somewhere. There are also have archaeological points. The broad belt, the row between the Jawaban, the huge waves flowing on the beach, as a city built by God’s own hands. Chittagong is on the north of Cox’s Bazar, in the East-Bandarban Hill District and Myanmar, in the West and South Bay of Bengal. Cox’s Bazar is located 152 kilometers south of Chittagong city. Its distance from Dhaka is 414 km. A lot of tourists are coming to this country to see the largest sea beach in the world.

cox's bazar the world longest beach

Labani Point :

Because of its proximity to the city of Cox’s Bazar, Labani Point is considered to be the main beach of Cox’s Bazar. A variety of things are arranged in the adjacent areas of the beach, there are small shops that are an extraordinary attraction for tourists.

Laboni Point cox's bazar sunset
Laboni Point cox’s bazar sunset


Laboni Point cox's bazar
Laboni Point cox’s bazar


Himchari Located in 18 km south of the Coxs Bazar. Fragile mountains and fountains are the main attractions here. On the way from Cox’s Bazar to Himchari, on the left side, the green hillside on the left and the blue waters of the sea creates a breathtaking view. During the monsoon, the water from Himachharra seems to be much more alive and animated. There is a resort on the hilltop in Himchari, from which the view of the sea is unthinkable. The main attraction of Himchari is the Christmas tree. Recently some tourist centers and picnic spots are being created in Himchari.


Inani Sea Beach:

In addition to the long beach, Cox’s Bazar has many other tourist attractions, which are the main attraction for tourists. Among the attractive areas adjacent to the beach, Inani Sea Beach, which is situated 35 km south of Cox’s Bazar. This sea beach, full of incredible beauty, is located just half an hour away from Cox’s Bazar. For the clean water, this place is considered to be a good place for the marine baths to the tourists.

Not only beaches, as well as there, have many more ancient sightings and sights. As well as the time, along with the sea, you will see. Those who visited Cox since many times but not seen anything except the sea, prepare to travel again and see the beauty of Bangladesh.

Inani Sea Beach
Inani Sea Beach

Rivers and islands:

There are five interesting and isolated islands on the island of St. Martin. These are Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Sonadia, Shahpur Island and St. Martin. The river has 5 districts – Matamuhuri, Bakkhali, Rezu, Kohlia, and Naf river.

Ancient Traditions:

Archaeological mosque

Aagbi mosque

It is located on the north side of the BGB headquarters on the way to the city of Bus terminal. It is known as the Para Mosque or Aggabi Mosque. The Asgbi Mosque is built during the reign of Shah Shuja in 1600-1700 AD. If Rickshaws from the gate of Cox’s Bazar municipality, the rent will be 30 TK.

Badar Mokam:

Badar Mokam Mosque is the oldest mosque in the city. Local people said it has been named after the name of Pir Badar Shah. The mosque is located on the south bank of Bakkhali on the side of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Police Station.


Ancient Buddhist Kang:

Cox’s Bazar headquarters has more than 7 small pieces. Agga talent Kang and Mahsingdogikang are the biggest. Religious festivals Buddhist Purnima, Prabarna Purnima, and Bishu festival are celebrated at Kang. The images of Buddhist are interesting to keep in captivity at the picture frames.

Ancient Buddhist Kang at cox's bazar
Ancient Buddhist Kang at Cox’s bazar
View of Ancient Buddhist Kang
View of Ancient Buddhist Kang

Contextual Cang:

Ramkumar is situated on the bank of Srikulath, on the banks of the river Bankhaiib Kang (Buddhist Vihara T). In this Buddhist monastery, more than 10 pieces of brass and many white pavilions are preserved in various designated seats and glass containers. In all, 23 Buddhist monasteries in Ramu thana have hundreds of value-added Buddhist statues.

Pagora (Jadi):

After the conquest of Burmese Arakan in 1790, the Rakhine community in Cox’s Bazar area developed it. They call it a memorial. Cox’s Bazar Sadar, Ramu and Teknaf hill high hills are seen in this kind of pagoda.

Ramkot pilgrimage:

It is located at the top of the Ramkot monument on the side of the Bunashrama. Founded in 901 Bangla. It is said that Ram-Sita stayed in Ramkot during the forest. There is also a small Buddhist statue in the holy shrine alongside the holy shrine in a different monastery. It is reported that the statue was established in the time of Emperor Ashoka as well as the two religions, along with peace.

Headliner well:

At the beginning of the Nineteenth century, Novelist Dhiraj Bhattacharya was transferred As the S.I of the Teknaf police station. , Mathin, was the only daughter of famous Rakhain landowner Wangthin who used to take regular water from the wells of Thanas in Samman’s well. Mathin had come to take water in the afternoon. The police officers used to sit in the verandah of the police station every day to observe the arrival of untimely Mathin water. Firstly Mathieu’s eye was with Dhirajwatchari and later turned into ‘love’.If the bidder fails, the headline burns down on the burn and burns him. Mathin’s coup in silent witness to Mathin’s insatiable love story.

The position of the unit in the Teknaf fathana premises. Renowned journalist Abdul Kuddus Rana took the initiative to renovate the bamboo well in 1994. Later it was reformed from the district council. Now the well is very interesting to see. There is also a written a romantic history of love. A short-length movie was also set up with local artists on the recently-released story.

Cox’s Bazar Hatchery:

The position of the Kalatoli hatchery (shrimp pona production and sale center) in the south from the Atomic Energy Commission. By collecting mother shrimp (mother shrimp) from the deep sea, the production and marketing of the baby (Pona) at the time of the nursing stage. It earns thousands of crores a year. As soon as you enter the zone, you will be welcomed by standing in the jawbone on both sides of the road. Government Shrimp Reproductive Center is located on the north side of the old sea beach, on the west side of the main road. Here shrimp pona is produced in a scientific way.

Fish landing station:

The name of the place on the banks of the Bakkhali river in the new Bahrain district of the city is BFDC Ghat or Fisher ghat, the head of fish of Cox’s Bazar. Fisheries derived from the Bay of Bengal are dropped here. From here the fish is supplied to other parts of the country or processing center. It is also known as Fisheries Ghat. The government earns huge revenue from this gaon every year. People have been here all day long Anyone can buy ripe fish from the city and buy the favorite fish.

Caught a big fish at Fish landing station
Caught a big fish at the Fish landing station

Fish landing station
Fish landing station

(Zero Point) Shootout Processing Area:

The place is known as Nazir Tech and in the Zero Point area of Cox’s Bazar. It has several export and export processing companies. Take a look at how the fish dreading is being processed. Here the fishes obtained from the Bay of Bengal are dried by natural means.

Salt production and processing area:

The production, processing, and marketing of 85% salt demand of Bangladesh’s from Islampur, the Naptikhali area. salts and marketing companies from Bangladesh collect salt from here. It is 35 km away from Cox’s Bazar city. It can be visited by adding a temporary taxi or microbus. Rather than going on the Chittagong-bound bus, you can also go to Islampur station.

Salt production and processing area
Salt production and processing area


Burmese Market:

Various handicrafts and monohydric shops run by Rakhain Ramnis. The position of these shops/market is mostly on East Bazaraghata.

Burmese Market cox bazar
Burmese Market cox bazar
Burmese Market cox's bazar
Burmese Market cox’s bazar

Shrimp Market:

Major sales and marketing centers of different types of the seafood industry. Its location is located on the main street in the Hotel Holiday mode west. All items of the sewage industry are found here. There are also many more sales and marketing centers of snail mussels on the beach.

Shrimp Market cox's bazar
Shrimp Market cox’s bazar

Sonadia Island:

Sonadia Island is located seven kilometers northwest of the city of Cox’s Bazar in the sea. The three-seater beach is about 9 square kilometers in size. Sonadia is basically covered with sandstone, the Kia-Nisindar bushes, the small and large canal paraben. It is isolated from the mainland of Cox’s Bazar. This island has mangrove forests. The waters of this sea are not as thick as Cox’s Bazar, it’s deep and blue. There are plenty of red crab and marine birds on this island. The natural beauty of nearby can see how dried fish are shriveled.


It locates on 6th Cottage from Cox’s Bazar. You can go to sondia dip by renting a speedboat directly from the premises. It takes 20-25 minutes. With the arrival of the car, the rent will be Tk. 2000-2,500. You will have time to rotate the island for 2-3 hours. 8-10 people can get up in a speedboat. However, there is no shop to buy the necessary things and no hotel to eat. So it’s good for all the food arrangements from Cox’s Bazar.

Sonadia Island cox bazar
Sonadia Island cox bazar
Sonadia Island
Sonadia Island


Teknaf Game Reserve:

The huge roar garden beneath the high hill, the Naf river next to it. In order to get the chance to sail on the green forests beside the mountains, sailing boat in the calm Naf river of the blue waters of Myanmar, and the wonderful view of fishermen fishing, you have to go to Teknaf’s game reserve. Most tourists came to Teknaf to enjoy the beauty of the sea. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the forest with the beauty of the sea, please come to the game Reserve Forest.

The position of the game reserve is in the village of Musoni in Domdomiya area of Teknaf of Cox’s Bazar. The forest reserve is about three kilometers west of Hoichihong Bazar near Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf highway, about 48 kilometers south of Cox’s Bazar city. It is the only game reserve of the country. The forest reserve preserved in various diversity will impress you. This game reserve spread over 11615 hectares of land in Teknaf Upazila. In the year 1983, the government declared the forest as a reserve for the purpose of preserving wild elephants. There are about 290 species of different plants in this forest coast. The major trees of this forest are Chapaliish, Grunge, Shimul, Uriam, Ashok, etc. Apart from this, 55 species of mammals, 56 species of reptiles, 13 species of amphibians and about 286 species of birds live in this forest. But the main attraction of this forest is wild elephants. But elephant fairs are a matter of luck. Rakhain, Marma and Chakma Adivasis living around this forest. The scenic natural springs, tropical evergreen forests in green hilly areas will give you the opportunity to enjoy the many tastes of the romance. There are so many things to look around here.

Here you can see the Taiga Zhiri. The crystalline water of this zhiri is crystals and full of water-rich transparent. This wonderful fount is flowing through the footsteps of the rocky hill at a height of about 700 feet.

One of the attractions of the game reserve is Tea Peak. This pinnacle is very erect and an ideal place for the trekkers. You can see the uneven beauty of the Bay of Bengal, the Naf River, the mountain ranges of the border of Myanmar and the New Reserve from the peak.

Another attraction of the game reserve is the Kudum Cave. The Kudum Guha trail is located in Harikhullah, about four and a half kilometers west of Hoekihong Bazar.

Qudum Cave:

Teknaf of cox bazar is a beautiful lily of natural beauty. And so it has turned into a traveler’s favorite travel destination. This border city Upazila has several interesting tourist spots surrounded by natural decoration. Here are the many coral places including the Coral Island, the St. Martin, the torn island, the Mathine well, the teknaf beach. One of the places is Qudum Guha. This natural cave is a great travel destination for adventure lovers. Those who want to taste the excitement of Teknaf tour, they will certainly visit this cave.


The only sand-clay cave of Bangladesh


Qudum Cave.

This Kudum cave location inside the Game Reserve, located in Muchani village, in Damdemia area of teknaf, 88 kilometers south of Cox Bazar city. It is the only sand-clay cave in Bangladesh. This cave is an interesting place to enjoy the beautiful mountain ranges, birds and wild animals. It is located approximately one thousand feet above to sea level. Locals call it Qudong. You have to go to this cave, passing through the remote hills. While walking on the Kudum cave, you will see birds surrounded by mountain ranges and various species of wild animals.

Indigenous people live on the roadside to Kudum. Here this cave path will thrill you. After entering this cave, you may think that the ancient world has come. You will find a thrilling feeling of dandruff and fluttering flight. This cave is home to numerous cats. So, it’s called a bull cave. In addition to the two species of bats in Kudumgahaha, various species of snails, spiders, and water jumps along with other animals. The cold water in this cave is somewhat similar to the waist and the neck is somewhat similar. The water continually dries up on the walls of the cave. The depth of the water will increase as much as it enters. In the dry season, it has equal water in the waist. However, during the monsoon, there is almost a neck quantity of water. The water in this cave is very cold and transparent. In this transparent Sweetwater, there are big fish in Taki fish, Kai, Kakali, three eyes, black shrimps in the dunking, various frogs, googly and snails, etc.

This 500 feet long cave is so dark that Without a strong light, nothing can be seen inside it. The atmosphere is created in the darkest time of the black-and-white tick. the butt and spoon jumped into the body at any time. So you have to take headlights and defensive stick with you. While traveling to the cave, you must take the Forest Guide or the Eco Guide along with it.

Kudum cave at Teknaf Game Reserve in cox bazar
Kudum cave at Teknaf Game Reserve in cox bazar
kudum cave at Teknaf Game Reserve
kudum cave at Teknaf Game Reserve

How to go Cox Bazar:

The road to Teknaf goes from Dhaka directly. In this way, The AC bus is the St.Martin Service. Besides, Shyamoli Transport, Saudi Transport, Unique Services, Hanif Enterprise non-AC buses are on this route.

Traveling to Teknaf from Cox bazar Bus and Microbus is available. The bus will cost 80 to 120 taka. And in the microbus 100 to 150 taka. Teknaf buses leaving Cox’s Bazar from the inter-district bus terminal and leaving the microbus in the city’s Kalatoli and Teknaf Bypass Pass.

After reaching 4 km to the city of Saplapur from the Whitehighang market of Teknaf and if you go further 2 kilometers on the left ahead of the mountainous coastline, it will reach the cave. Before going inside the cave, you must contact the responsible Forest Department officer to take permission and take a guide.

Where to Stay Cox Bazar:

To stay on Teknaf there is Bangladesh Tourism Corporation Motel. This motel is about eight kilometers east of Teknaf city. This motel can be booked from the head office of the tourism corporation of Dhaka. But if you want to stay close to Teknaf beach, there is Central Resort.

There are also three cottages named Sagar Kanya, Cloud Girl and Nilachal. Each cottage has two rooms. You can also book in advance at this resort from Dhaka.

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